Friday, February 21, 2014

What have you got on? Your mind?

      No, this isn't one of those "punctuation is important" lessons!  Nor is it a variation of the Facebook status update question.  (Although I have often wondered why an "Update Status" prompt is followed by "What's on your mind?"  Is my "status" only related to what I'm thinking?????)  No, the "title phrase" this week was one of the things my dad would ask when I would come to him with a quizzical look on my face.  Must've been a northern mid-western witticism.
      So I'm borrowing my dad's phrase to pose the question to YOU, the loyal (or even sometime) readers of these meditation/reflections.  I am often asked "How do you come up with something every week?"  And I really have no answer other than, "I pay attention to the news, to things I read/hear, and to miscellaneous, mysterious, inner promptings ("the still small voice . . ."?).  I am often asked much the same question at book discussions: "How do you choose the books for the group?"  The answer, likewise, is much the same.  With the book discussions, however, I'm often given some book suggestions by the questioner . . . and those suggestions have turned into future discussions that benefit many.
       Maybe it's the difference between face-to-face conversation and the written e-word, but I've not really received any "requests" or "questions" that have formed the basis for these (mostly) weekly ramblings.  There may be some good reasons for that, but I wouldn't want one to be "Well, you never asked!"  So, I'm hoping that, either by return email, or by comment on the blog-site, folks might share a "ponder-ment".  I never (well, hardly ever) intend to offer a definitive statement, but I DO love to share a "wonder", an "I'm curious about" or 'What do YOU think?"
        So, fill in the bubble above (figuratively speaking).  Ask a question!  Share a quotation to spur my own cogitation.  Be provocative!  Challenge ME to be provocative! Send me an email (, give me a call (303-871-4488), leave a comment on the blog-site, or stop me on campus (look for the hat!).
        I believe that God speaks to, comforts, and challenges us through many means and voices.  Take the opportunity!


Chaplain Gary

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