Friday, May 3, 2013

Sometimes it rains.

      In the wonderful baseball movie, Bull Durham*, the airhead pitcher/phenom,  "Nuke" LaLoosh (played to great effect by Tim Robbins), in his first interview after reaching the big leagues, tells a reporter that, in baseball, "Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. And sometimes it rains.  Think about it."  He learned the basics of this sentiment from his brought-into-the-program-to-groom-him mentor, "Crash" Davis (played by Kevin Costner).
      Well, "sometimes it rains".
      One of those strange confluences of air currents, pixie-dust, under-the-bed hobgoblins, and (I'm sure my mother would say) "Mercury being in retrograde" has caused a "rain" this week. This is not a meteorological, or terrestrial, catastrophe of baseball-ian proportions, BUT . . .
      A couple of things require publicizing that I didn't get to my very competent editor.  And there have been too many events/appointments/etc. that have prevented my from thinking deeply about world/national/local events or matters of heavily religious import.  
       So, there has been a rain-storm.
      And maybe that IS a proper reminder to me (a control freak) that I am NOT in control. (Harumph! Imagine that!)  And so, I'm going to let the "rain" say what it says:  the game will be played another day.
       So . . . here are the publicity items!
       FIRST:  May 14th at 7:00 pm:  Interfaith Conversation about Civil Unions.  Why is this important to you?  It's really all about listening!  Driscoll Gallery (and there WILL be dessert!).
       SECOND:  May 21st at noon:  Book Discussion on Anne Lamott's Help, Thanks, Wow:  The Three Essential Prayers.  Gottesfeld Reading Room, Anderson Academic Commons.  Prof. Sandy Dixon will join us for the conversation.  (C'mon you can read the book!  It's only 115 pages!)
     More substantive thoughts when the rain subsides!  If only I can find my mitt.


Chaplain Gary
*Note to no-one; but I was in Durham NC while that particular ball-park was still in use, and I've seen the bull and eaten wonderful burritos!  And, yes, I own the video (and often watch it on Opening Day!).

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